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The late great set dresser, Stephenie McMillan worked on all 8 Potter films. On my trip to London, as any loyal Potterhead would, I visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour at Leavesden. As sets and costumes go, it is hard to compete with the Potter franchise (their budget wasn’t too shabby either.) There are few sets that can still evoke such immediate and intensely felt responses of nostalgia for millions worldwide and of all ages. Harry Potter is not only a brilliant decade of creative business but an incredible experience as an audience member. Here are some of the nearly 300 shameless photos I took on my visit. Be sure to notice the tiny as well as the not-so-subtle details that Stephenie used to create our home at Hogwarts.

I may or may not be posting this from The Borrow under my cloak of invisibility … 

Dries Van Noten’s S/S15 catwalk was beautiful. The clothes were wonderful, but the specialized Alexandra Kehayoglou grass-moss carpet the models walked (and for the finale, lounged) on was simply pleasant.

The collection and show was inspired by the Sir John Everett Millais piece Ophelia (seen above) which the designer translated perfectly. 

115 feet of acrylic hand painted catwalk. And the same attention to the ceiling that extended to the two side walls of the Burberry tent. This was one of the greatest things I saw on my trip to London. Christopher Bailey is still my favorite. 

Visited the Tower of London’s poppy exhibition remembering the fallen soldiers of WWI. There is something about public art, especially memorials, that strikes me. There is a vulnerability by the artists to trust such broad audiences to reach beyond the contained environment of their creative communities that I admire. It takes courage.

Chocolat will always be in my top ten movies. It is just so beautiful to watch.

I always thought it was any kind of tension, not specifically competition, that makes a wonderful, albeit frustrating, companion to inspiration. The friend as much as the competitor that Matisse and Picasso found in each other seems to be some proof of that. 

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not - and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation - in its’ arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.


JK Rowling. She isn’t wrong. 

(Harvard Commencement 2008)